Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher. One of the world's intriguing and fascinating buildings.
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The Holy Land, with its richness of religions, cultures and stunning landscapes, provides us with a wide range of unforgettable experiences
Private tours for and special tours for  families or groups 
Tours with self arrival, avoiding public transport.
Quote will be given depending on the size of the group and type of transportation.

The recent lock downs have made it impossible for residents of this country to travel abroad on their holidays. It is a good opportunity also for residents to visit local Hidden Gems, visit the vast array of religious, cultural and gastronomic institutions.

  • Have you ever visited a place of worship which is not of your own faith?

  • Have you ever tried some of the amazing cuisines of local or immigrant communities?

  • have you seen and visited the rich architecture of this country, both old and modern? 


Come and let me take you on a voyage of legends and tales, stories of battles and chivalry, enchanting markets full of fragrances, and delicious foods. Tours in Hebrew, English, French & Italian.


The trip will be in accordance with all the ministry of health's safety rules: up to 19 participants, social distancing, masks. Wireless headphones will be distributed to make this possible

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Licensed guide  מדריך מורשה

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