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Way of the Cross


Via Dolorosa 

The Way of the Cross (Via Dolorosa) is the route Jesus Christ has taken, according to Christian tradition, bearing his Cross from his trial at the Palace of Pilate to Calvary and the Holy Sepulcher. This is the highlight of any Christian pilgrimage to the Holy Land. 

We shall begin on the top of the Mount of Olives, then descend to the garden of Gethsemane, proceed into the Old City, follow the stations of the cross, up to the awe-inspiring Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Calvary (the hill of Golgotha) and the tomb of Christ. Along the route, we shall take a lunch break in one of the local restaurants.At the end of the tour- we will walk down to the Western Wall. Duration of tour: Approx. six hours 


Jerusalem, Dead Sea &


Masada (One or two day tour)

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A voyage from West to East in the holy Land –the historic route of the pilgrims who came to the Holy city. We shall visit the various famous locations of Jerusalem, old and new, its temples and markets according to your inclinations and interests

The following day: the Temple Mount/Haram ash-Sharif, ride to the Jordan valley, optional visit to Jericho, Jesus' Baptism site on the river Jordan, Masada, Bathing in the dead sea. Return to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. A shorter 1 day version is possible, also an expanded program available. Contact me for free advice.


Transportation not included but may be arranged. I recommend hiring your own car, doing your own driving and I will accompany you as guide. It is cheaper and more independent. Sophisticated and free apps make navigation in the country very easy.


Jaffa & Tel Aviv

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The ancient city of Jaffa, melancholy and picturesque on the Mediterranean, with its 4000 year long history.  It has re-emerged to become an up-beat cultural center for young Palestinians and Israelis alike, with top-rated restaurants and venues. 


In Tel Aviv, a city with a spirit and pride of its own - we will visit the historic quarter with its quaint houses and through to the 1930's White City Modernist architecture ("International Style") part of the city with its bohemian cafes and locales. This part of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Tel Aviv is renowned for its museums, art galleries, theater and dance venues, classical orchestras, gastronomical variety - from ethnic street food to top-notch restaurants, and a vibrant club scene. Tel Aviv is fun.

It takes pride in its liberal values, its artistic creativity, easy going atmosphere and its tolerance. It is becoming a world LGBT hub.

Along the coast of the


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The coast of the Holy Land is a long curved line of sandy beaches. This is an area rich in Biblical and Crusaders history. 


We'll start at the ruins of the Roman city of Caesarea, built by Herod in 25 BC. We will visit the restored Roman theater and also the Crusader town. From there we will continue to the city of Haifa on Mount Carmel, with its shrine of the prophet Elijah and the Church of Our Lady of Carmel. We shall also visit the Bahá'í Gardens and shrine.

From there we will continue to the ancient port city of St. John of Acre (Akko) with its long history, especially as the capital of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem, and an Ottoman center of importance. The architecture of the Crusaders restored in the city is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Also the Ottoman and Arab structures are very impressive. We'll conclude the tour in one of the fine restaurants of Acre.

The Footsteps of Jesus

The Galilee     


This is a tour of the Galilee, the land where Jesus lived and initiated his ministry. It is a green and luscious scenery of villages and towns, vineyards and orchards, rugged and mountainous.

Our itinerary could include Mt. Tabor and then Nazareth, the church of the Annunciation and Mary's well. From there we shall proceed to the site of the miracle of the wine at the wedding in Cana, from there to the new excavations of the synagogue at Magdala. After lunch we will visit Tabgha and Capernaum on the shores of the lake of Tiberias. We shall end the tour at the mount of the Beatitudes. 

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